Tap Oil provide Kinnaree-1 exploration well drilling update
Wednesday, Oct 31, 2012

Tap Oil Limited (ASX Code: TAP) provides the following update on the Kinnaree-1 exploration well.  The Kinnaree-1 exploration well is the second well in the Thailand 2012 exploration drilling campaign.

Location/Proposed Depth

The Kinnaree A West prospect is located in the G1/48 concession within the Kra Basin, some 15 kilometres north of the existing Manora field.  The Kinnaree-1 exploration well will test this prospect and will target a Manora style play to test synrift lacustrine sands which are the primary hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs in the Manora field.

The Kinnaree-1 exploration well is being drilled in shallow water and has an expected total depth of approximately 2,689 metres measured depth rotary table (MDRT).  The well will target a combined prospective resource of around 11 mmbbls (PMean) in the primary target.


During the period from 0600 hours WST on 24 October 2012 to 0600 hours WST on 31 October 2012, Kinnaree-1 was spudded and the well drilled to a depth of 1,150m MDRT. For operational reasons, a side track well was required. Kinnaree-1 ST1 was then drilled to a depth of 1,007 metres MDRT.

Forward Plan

The forward plan is to drill ahead to a depth of 1,539 metres and run and cement 9 ⅝" casing prior to drilling ahead to the final total depth.

Source: Tap Oil

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