Polarcus secures funding for 3D broadband project in Australia
Friday, Dec 08, 2017
Polarcus Limited is pleased to announce that the Company has secured significant industry prefunding and has been granted the environmental permit for a broadband 3D marine seismic project in Australia.

This extension of Polarcus' Cygnus multi-client 3D survey represents the next step towards unlocking the complex geology of the Vulcan Sub-basin through the application of Polarcus' innovative XArray(TM) acquisition methodology.

The project is due to commence in Q4 2017 and will run for approximately four weeks. As a result of this timing, the previously announced Australian projects will commence in 2018 extending the Polarcus Australian campaign into Q2 2018.

For more information, please visit: https://www.polarcus.com/
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