Dynamic earth science company exceeds over £9 million in turnover leading to major recruitment drive in 2013
Wednesday, Jan 30, 2013

Neftex, a dynamic earth science research company serving the international resources industries (principally oil, gas and minerals), has reported a rise of more than 30% in turnover, with an increase from under £7million in 2011 to more than £9million in October 2012.

Against this background of business growth, Neftex has recruited 26 staff in the last 12 months with plans to take on a further 50 as part of their mid-term plans.

The Neftex Earth Model delivers geoscience data, knowledge and insight to help clients speed upworkflows and better managegeological risk in their exploration and investment activities. Neftex are now expanding their consultancy services into the mineral exploration sector.

2012 saw Neftex issue over 70 new Earth Model Module licenses, totalling over 220 to date. The year saw a number of major new clients from new markets, notably from companies based in Japan and Australia.

Mike Simmons, Earth Model Director at Neftex, commented: “The increase in demand for Neftex’s products and services has resulted in a significant recruitment drive in order to support our clients and to develop new products. In 2012 the company recruited 26 staff, including 24 geologists, with staff numbers now sitting at around100”.

“In order to maintain the high quality level of service and technology we offer to our clients, we aim to recruit upwards of 50 new staff over the next year or so and have already started the drive for a number of experienced geoscientists and technical assistants. We also have ambitious plans to expand the business by branching into the mining and finance sectors.”

He added: “We are driven by experience and powered by the enthusiasm of our talented workforce and a passion to apply our innovative science and technology to exploration challenges. The past 12 months have proven very rewarding for the company resulting in impressive growth plans for 2013 and a very busy year ahead.”

The company recently launched its 2013 Earth Model Awards aimed at promoting young geoscience talent. The award is open to all UK-based geoscience students currently working towards a Master’s degree in Earth sciences with a research project related to integrated global geosciences. The prestigious industry-recognised award, in its second year and supported by The Geological Society of London, offers a prize of £2,000 to the student who presents the most innovative and forward-thinking research project, with a matching sum going to the winner’s university department. Further information can be found at www.neftex.com/earthmodelaward.

Source: Neftex

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